UL is the mysterious god of the Ulgos, who originally were a tribe of the Godless Ones. He is not counted among the traditional seven, and theologians of their religions are ambivalent in their treatment of him. At the end of The Belgariad, it is revealed that he is the father of the seven gods, older and more powerful than they, and omnipresent as well, causing significant upheaval in religious thought. He is also god of the monstrous beasts rejected by his sons. UL is served by a High Priest, who is always called Gorim. The successive Gorims throughout their world's history can be said to be the disciples of UL, as they seem to learn some powers similar to sorcery. While they are not immortal, they live as long as UL requires them to serve. This is also true for disciples of Aldur. Poledra also served UL for many years, and so may also be considered a disciple of the Father of the Gods. In the War of Destinies, he is generally seen on the side of Light, often working closely with Aldur. The Ulgos look to UL with awe, reverence, faith, and occasional zealotry.

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