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Sir Ulath
TitlesGenidian Champion, Earl
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Sir Ulath is a Genidian Knight of Thalesia and one of the principal companions of Sparhawk. He has long braided hair, but no beard, unlike most Thalesians. The Genidian comes from the north of the Elene continent, and they are known for wearing a chain-mail shirt in place of the plate armour the other knights wear. Ulath has a vast knowledge of trolls and ogres, creatures who plague his homeland of Thalesia, and can even speak the language of the trolls. Sir Ulath is the champion of the Genidian Knights. He claims to hate sieges (supposedly because it is part of Thalesia's national character), and he often complains about it when forced into a siege (ironically enough, he readily suggests sieges whenever the situation calls for it, typically by grunting the word 'forts'.)

Overall, Ulath is known for not being very talkative, but having a very dry wit. He is rather cryptic in his speech, providing sudden one-word answers to any problems that crop up, to the point where his companions couldn't understand what he meant until he provides the explanation. Ulath is also in charge of determining whose turn it is to cook, using a system that baffles the others. (This system is eventually revealed to be Ulath telling whoever asks it is their turn to cook. If no-one asks Ulath cooks himself. When this becomes apparent, "Ulath has a lot of turns coming up".) In the first book of the second series, Ulath is introduced as an Earl.


Tynian and Ulath fireside