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The Unnamed Gold Hunter is a character first met by Garion, Belgarath and Silk in Enchanter's End Game. It is later revealed that Belgarath and Polgara had met the man before, years prior. The events of their first meeting are written in Polgara the Sorceress andBelgarath the Sorcerer.

He is an elderly man of unknown race. He is more intelligent or perceptive than most other characters in the book, as he is able to see the disguisedSword of the Rivan King. Belgarath mentioned that the Unnamed Gold Hunter was more than he seemed, as Belgarath stated that the Gold Hunter could remember everything he had ever encountered, despite that contrasting what the Unnamed Gold Hunter had said himself.

The Unnamed Gold Hunter lives in a cave with few possessions and his pet mule.

The Unnamed Gold Hunter is similar to the old man with the cart, who is an avatar of Aldur

It is speculated that the Unnamed Gold Hunter may be Eddings himself, who may have wrote himself into the books.