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Full name and title(s)
King of the Murgos
Taur Urgas (assumed father), Tamazin (mother), Kheldar (brother), Prala (wife)

Urgit was the King of the Murgos during the events of The Malloreon, following Taur Urgas' death.

He succeeded his father Taur Urgas after he was killed in a duel with King Cho-Hag during the Battle of Thull Mardu. Urgit had hated Urgas his entire life, and after he was killed, he slit his throat, drove a stake through his heart, and buried him 17 feet deep in an unmarked grave, upside down, "just to make sure". Urgit assumed the throne as the only surviving heir, after having survived numerous attempts on his own life, and killing his other siblings.

Urgit spent years fearing the hereditary madness that came with the line of Taur Urgas, but in reality he was not Urgas's child. He was really the child of Lady Tamazin and Prince Kheldar's father, who had visited the Cthol Murgos as a young man. As Kheldar's half-brother, Urgit proved to be just as shrewd and good at bargaining as Kheldar. He eventually married Prala, a princess of the House of Cthan. He had a very warped sense of humor of which Oskatat, Prala, and his mother tried to discourage and was often told to "be serious".