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Full name and title(s)
Demon Lord
Disciple of Torak
Physical Description
Blotchy skin

Urvon is the third Disciple of Torak and head of the Mallorean Grolims with his center of power based in Mal Yaska. He has blotchy skin (Beldin called him "piebald"), and is completely mad, believing himself to be the New God of Angarak after Torak's death (the position eventually filled by Eriond). He is terrified of Beldin, because the hunchback once promised to put a white hot hook into his guts. Urvon eventually enlists the aid of the Demon Lord Nahaz, but after a confrontation with Durnik, in which the blacksmith channels the power of Aldur and becomes his disciple, Urvon is dragged screaming to hell by Nahaz.

He's a natural-born bootlicker, a fawning, contemptible sneak. Even Torak despised him. But, like all people with those charming traits, as soon as he got the least little bit of power, he went absolutely berserk with it.
Guardians of the West