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The Vale of Aldur is a fictional location in the Belgariad and Malloreon book series, written by David Eddings.

Belgarath s Tower by Steve2032

Belgarath's Tower in the Vale

Towers in the vale

The Vale is an area holy to the God Aldur containing the towers and living spaces of his disciples, including Beltira and Belkira, Beldin, Belgarath, and lately Polgara and Durnik. It is located at the southern end of the Algarian plain. Originally, before their deaths, the characters Belsambar and Belmakor also lived in the Vale, and the books imply but do not state outright that their ruined towers persist to the present day. Another previous inhabitant of the Vale is the apostate Zedar, however some time after switching allegiance to Torak he left and did not return. Zedar burned his tower when he left to send a message to the other disciples that he was no longer part of their 'club'. The remains of Zedar's tower were left to stand, causing Garion to ask Belgarath about the history of the destroyed tower. Also contained in the Vale is the abandoned tower of Aldur himself. 

The Vale is bordered on Algaria, where near the border, lived Poledra.


Map of the Vale of Aldur

In a map of the Vale the towers are varying distances from Aldur's tower, maybe depending on his most beloved or their importance in the story. In the center of the Vale is a tree called The Tree, where Polgara received instructions from her mother and the tree. Belgarath, Eriond and Garion all visit the tree, who teaches them about time. Out of "politeness to neighbors", when the sorcerers change shape, they do not hunt in the vale.