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TitlesPreceptor of the Pandion Knights
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Vanion was a Pandion Knight and head of the Pandion Order. An older, but still vibrant man, he acted as equal parts father figure and drill sergeant for his Knights. Vanion held a deep affection for Sephrenia beyond the normal, a feeling quietly returned by the Styric teacher. While many knights saw this and knew that it was technically a violation of many rules against inter-religion/racial relations, none told out of devotion to their teachers.

When Queen Ehlana was poisoned, Vanion was nearly killed taking on the burden of the powerful spell Sephrenia cast to keep Queen Ehlana alive. After the crisis with Azash is dealt with he disappeared with Sephrenia to be nursed back to health.

After the events of The Tamuli, the two were married with the full approval of their respective deities and Bhelliom gives them a parting gift- shedding years off their ages so they both appear to be in their early twenties.