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First AppearanceEnchanters' End Game

Vella was a Nadrak woman encounted by young Belgarion on his way to Cthol Mishrak. She was owned by an older man named Tashor. After dancing and haggling she was sold to a trapper name Tekk for three goldmarks and the intention of marrying her.  Tekk was eventually killed in an argument, and his brother sold Vella to Yarblek. She was visibly stunned when she saw Beldin transform into his trademark blue-banded hawk in front of her, and instantly regretted how she had spoken to him. She and Beldin formed a tight bond largely based on insults and cursing.  When Beldin took on the disguise of Feldegast he seemed to take special delight in amusing Vella. During the hunt for Prince Geran, Vella and Yarblek traveled back and forth from Mallorea and the West, making reports to Queen Porenn.

Nadrak seduction by Agathum

Beldin officially purchased Vella from Yarblek for the price of a diamond, worth a hundred times more than had ever been paid for a woman since the dawn of time. She surrendered her daggers to him, and the two made their farewells before turning into hawks, Vella's with lavender bands, and flew away, apparently never to return.

"Tashor wants to sell me. I'm strong and healthy. I can cook, cure hides and skins, tend to common illnesses, bargain closely when I buy supplies, and I can brew good beer." Her eyes narrowed grimly. "I have not gone to any man's bed, and I keep my daggers sharp enough to persuade strangers not to try to force me."
Enchanters' End Game