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Vo Mandor is a barony of Mimbre, and the ancestral home of Mandorallen. It is located east of Vo Mimbre, north of the River Arend, and east of the Sea of the West. Situated atop a rocky knoll, it is one of the most unassailable fortresses in Mimbre, and possibly in all of Arendia; the ruins of other cities and towns that surround the fortress probably attest to why the original architects felt such a need for security. Polgara, who first visited the fortress in the early years of her efforts to end the Arendish Civil War, has theorized that living in the fortress would probably account for the feeling of invincibility that has characterized most descendants of the Mandorian line.

Notable Residents[]

  • Mandorin I, Baron of Mandor during Polgara's efforts to unite Arendia. Also served as Polgara's legal guardian. Though a widower when he first met Polgara, he later married Countess Asrana of Asturia.
  • "Polina", Mandorin's supposed adopted niece. Actually the sorceress Polgara.
  • Asrana, a countess of Asturia and one of Polgara's major co-conspirators in overthrowing Oldoran. Later married Mandorin.
  • Mandor, Baron of Mandor during the Battle of Vo Mimbre.
  • Mandorallen, current Baron of Mandor and companion of Garion.