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The Golden Walls of Vo Mimbre by kabegami

by Kabegami

This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Vo Mimbre, often nicknamed "The Golden City", is the capital of the duchy of Mimbre as well as the de-facto capital of Arendia - and the site of the much-storied Battle of Vo Mimbre.


The city was located on the river Arend, not far from the border with Tolnedra.


Its nickname comes from the yellow coloring of the stone in the area. It had high, thick walls such that the city jutted out like a mountain beside the sparkling river. The high walls were surmounted by massive battlements, and great towers and slender spires and bright banners at their tips rose within the walls, gleaming golden in the afternoon sun.

The great walls of Vo Mimbre still bore scars from the Battle of Vo Mimbre; battlements high above were chipped from the impact of showers of steel-tipped arrows and the walls had been struck by Angarak catapults.

Notable residents[]