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Polgara in happier days in Vo Wacune

Wacune historically formed the north and west section of the country, before Vo Wacune was destroyed by Asturia during the Arendish Civil War. Large portions of Wacune were absorbed into Asturia, though some portions joined Erat in forming Sendaria, ending the Wacite duchy. Wacune is heavily forested and adjoins the foothills of the Ulgo mountains. Sometimes Algroths descend from the mountains to hunt, and can be dangerous to travelers in this region.

The Wacite brogue, similar to a Scot-Irish brogue, irritated Belgarath to no end.

Vo Wacune was no more. Twenty-four centuries had passed since the city of the Wacite Arends had been laid waste, and the dark, endless forests of northern Arendia had reclaimed the ruins.
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