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TitlesOne of two Angarak helpers (in the Mrin Codex)
First AppearanceMagician's Gambit
Born5330 or so

Yarblek was a rangy Nadrak merchant (supposedly of Yar Turak) and habitual drunkard. He is described as having a black hair and a thin, scraggly, black beard and a coarse voice and often wears a snug fitting fur (or leather) cap and stained leather clothing, sometimes with a felt ankle-length overcoat. He is very intelligent and savvy. He is also described as one of two Angarak "helpers" in the Prophecy of Light, along with King Drosta lek Thun, with whom Yarblek was a friend and personal envoy. He eventually bought Vella and joined with Prince Kheldar in a merchant venture that put the two of them well on their way to being the richest men in the world.

Yarblek often portrayed that he is more drunk than he actually is.

Yarblek and Silk have an agreement that Yarblek has free rein in the rest of the world as long as he stays out of Melcena as he doesn't really fit in there, and he insisted on taking Vella with him everywhere he went. And Vella really shocked the Melcenes.

"My tent is yours." Yarblek hiccuped indifferently. "It's not much of a tent, but it's yours anyway. There are cups over there in that pile of things by my saddle - some of them are even clean. Let's all have a drink."
Magician's Gambit