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The Younger Gods of Styricum are the primary deities of the Styric people. It is mentioned that they willed themselves into existence when the Elder Gods "tore at the fabric of reality" as Aphrael put it.

Specific Gods[]

There are a thousand Younger Gods, a point which Sir Heldin remarks Sephrenia always made clear to them. Each of them have worshippers, upon whom they are dependent upon for strength. If a God's worshippers are killed then he can be destroyed. Among the worshippers of each God or Goddess, one is designated the High Priest or Priestess; they represent their God or Goddeses in the Ageraluon (meaning 10³ or 1000, but also referring to the Styric Parliament).

In the entire series, only four of the Younger Gods are ever named. These are:

Relationships with other Gods[]

The Younger Gods of Styricum are not the only Gods that exist. Aphrael acknowledges the existence of the Elene God, whom she refers to as being "stuffy". She also mentions that the Tamul Gods are very childish, and annoy the Elene God at parties.

It is mentioned that the Elder God Azash proposed that all the Gods of Styricum - both Elder and Younger - unite to seize Bhelliom from the Troll Gods. He stated that this was "for the good of all". This proposal gave Aphrael the opportunity to mutilate Azash and confine him in the idol of mud.