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Zalasta and Sephrenia by Larry Elmore

First AppearanceThe Sapphire Rose

Zalasta was a Styric magician who grew up in the same village as Sephrenia and was revealed to have been the source of many of the troubles faced by Sparhawk and his companions.. The arrival of Aphrael incarnated as Sephrenia's sister dashed all of his romantic hopes as she was now totally devoted to her goddess.

By involving himself in the schemes of Azash and Cyrgon Zalasta hoped to use Bhelliom to destroy Aphrael, thus forcing Sephrenia to love him, although the latter was a secondary motive, his hate for Aphrael had escalated to a point where it eclipsed all else. After the destruction of Cyrgon at the climax of The Hidden City, Zalasta is cursed by Khwaj, the Troll God of fire, to burn eternally. His son was Scarpa.