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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

TitlesChild of Dark
First AppearanceGuardians of the West

Zandramas is the primary antagonist of The Malloreon.



A former Darshivan Grolim priestess, Zandramas is chosen as the Child of Dark after the death of the Angarak god Torak at the hands of Belgarion. She was overcome with the Spirit of the Dark Prophecy and was given tremendous power, as the chosen Child of Dark. She became incredibly charismatic as well -- and anyone who heard her was compelled to follow; those who didn't, she struck down with her power. In The Malloreon, she kidnaps Geran, Garion's son, whom she takes to Mallorea and eventually to the place which is no more in order to make him the new God of Angarak. During her quest, she gains a fearsome reputation among Angaraks of all ethnicities. Eventually a war begins between her followers and those of other evil magicians, most notably Urvon. So as not to be followed, she travels by ship as much as possible. Upon reaching her destinations, she often uses sorcery to set the ships on fire, killing all the sailors on board or feeds them to predatory animals. She used her sorcerous skills to destroy all who opposed her, including Agachak, favoring the form of a dragon. As the story progresses, small swirling lights begin to appear under Zandramas' skin as if her body contains all the stars of the universe. In both Light and Dark prophecy, it seemed that Zandramas' role is to release the stars that fly away to fill the hole in the universe, caused by the (super-)nova of a star that should not have exploded in that particular spot. Eventually, upon Cyradis' choice, in that when the latter chooses in favor of the Light rather than Dark, Zandramas lost her body and released the forementioned stars.

Incidentally "Zandramas" is the most dreadful curse in the Ulgo tongue, meaning "confusion, chaos, absolute negation." The Gorim said it was a horrible word.



Zandramas is shown to be ruthless or even sadistic in the novel named after her, Sorceress of Darshiva. She does not harm Geran during his time with her; but it is stated that he resents her and would kill her if he had the means of doing so. She is often power-hungry and manipulative of others. Nevertheless, her personality becomes increasingly insignificant as the story progresses, given its premise that she is gradually being subverted by the will of the Dark Prophecy that guides her. Her sole motivation appears to be the triumph of this Prophecy, by any means possible, over the Prophecy of Light that it opposes. She is therefore eager to utilize any opportunity that appears to her of confounding her enemies or tricking people into fulfilling her purpose. Toward the end of her life, she is shown to be entirely under the Dark Prophecy's control, so that all her actions are motivated by its will.

"Beware!" that voice which they both heard quite clearly said to them in tones which could not be ignored. "Beware Zandramas!"
Guardians of the West