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Zith was a small green Nyissan snake kept by Sadi, the Chief Eunuch of Nyissa, in an earthenware bottle that was kept with his other drugs and potions. She was first introduced in the Malloreon.

While the heroes were being held in by Agachak, the Grolim Sorchak brought out Sadi's case, accusing him of intending to sell drugs to the Murgos. He demanded to know what was in the bottle. When Sorchak looked into the bottle, despite Sadi's pleas, Zith bit him in the eye, killing him in seconds. Sorchak's lover, the Grolim Chabat, swore vengeance for the death.


Zith with Velvet

Later, Zith became something of a pet to Liselle, who took to keeping the small snake in her bodice, which terrified Kheldar, who had an overwhelming distaste for reptiles. Eventually Zith was thrown into the face of Harakan, biting and killing him as repercussion for the death of Bethra. Zith has a family of little snakes.

It was later revealed that biting Harakan was her purpose of existence, and that her pregnancy was delayed so she could accomplish this by Vard. She had her offspring later on in the books.