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Storyteller by haccan

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Zubrette, no titles

Zubrette was the only girl Garion's age while growing up on Faldor's farm. Their involvement was one of subdued childish naivete, trading sweets for kisses and such. Zubrette being a fickle girl would often set Garion against the other boys for her affections, but was at one point severly rebuked by Aunt Pol for such games. It was due to Zubrette's influence that Garion was not left at Faldor's when the quest for the Orb began. It was Polgara's suspicion that upon their return they would find Garion a father as he would likely follow the ways of farm life. When Garion returned to Sendaria after reacquiring the Orb of Aldur he met Zubrette again. Zubrette was engaged with Garion's old friend, Rundorig, but he seemed ready to step aside, so that she could be with Garion. However, with a single glance, Garion ended any connection between them knowing she was a young woman and not brave enough for their adventures. 

Zubrette, of course, flirted outrageously with all three of them, and positively glowed when they glared at each other in her presence.
Pawn of Prophecy